Tenga Disposable Egg🥚

Tenga Disposable Egg🥚

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Tenga EGG 

Fellas, Tired of the per-usual same-old self love?

Instead of trying to jerk off with the mattress, the sheets, or your numb left hand, might we recommend something else?

Easy, discreet masturbation — anywhere you need it!

Inside each one of the plastic exterior "Eggs" of the Tenga Eggs is an Egg-shaped male masturbation sleeve.

Don't worry though.

While the sleeve is the size of an egg, this egg-shaped sleeve is made from a super-stretchy elastomer that allows the Tenga Egg to expand for a snug fit.

Once stretched onto the penis, the egg's internal texture — which is shown on the outside of the egg — can be felt during masturbation as the Egg is stroked over the penis.