On Arousal for Her ~ Ultra!

On Arousal for Her ~ Ultra!

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ON Natural Arousal Oil - Ultra is 25% more intense than the original formula.

It feels warm and actually vibrates and pulsates when applied. It helps increase sensitivity, body awareness, orgasm ability and intensity. It is also one of the ONLY arousal products that encourage a woman's own natural lubrication.


  • Voted #1 most effective arousal oil for women
  • Feels like it vibrates and pulsates
  • 100% Natural and menthol-free
  • Helps women lubricate MORE
  • Helps women have orgasms more easily and intensely
  • Great choice for women going through menopause, cancer treatment, changes in hormones, diabetes, and those that are on antidepressants or birth control
  • Safe for oral sex

Apply 1-2 drops directly to the clitoris (or apply to the finger first, then the clitoris). Wait 2 minutes for full effect. Add more as desired.

Size: 5ml